Identity Manager Extensions

This directory contains extensions to the Identity Manager system.

Name Description

External interface to the Identity Manager applications, specifically identity and account management.

Authentication Used for customizing Identity Manager to authenticate with different user data stores and credentials.
Data Services Low level (internal) interface to the Identity Manager data store. Should be used from local customization code such as JavaScript extensions, but not from code deployed outside the platform.
IDI Integration Using IBM Directory Integrator for identity feed of for custom agents.
JavaScript Used for customizing Identity Manager’s JavaScript function library. Enables the addition of JavaScript functions by the customer.
Mail Low level (internal) interface for sending notification messages to clients of Identity Manager. Also includes hooks to out-of-the-box notifications sent by Identity Manager from its workflow processes.


Used for plugging custom password rules and password generation algorithms into the Identity Manager password rules engine framework.
Policy Analysis

Low level (internal) interface for querying provisioning policy and entitlement information for the purpose of analysis.

Service Provider Used for plugging custom resource connectors, or service providers, in to the Identity Manager framework. The client can implement their own business logic for adding, modifying, suspending, restoring, deleting, and changing the password of an account of a registered type. The client can also implement reconciliation (search) and unsolicited event notification.
Single Sign-On Used for customizing Identity Manager’s log on procedure to work with single sign-on providers.
Workflow Low level (internal) interface for interacting with the Identity Manager workflow engine. This allows clients to create their own Workflow extensions that can be called within a Lifecycle operation or approval process. Clients may also integrate other systems, possibly other Workflow engines, into a workflow process through this API.

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